The epitome of ‘Strength & Beauty'

There is no denying in the energy & resilience of a mother’s love and care.

She is a beauty to reckon with- whose selflessness has continued to inspire generations to come by.

It is the combination of her calm, gentle yet strong self that we wanted to celebrate.

Sleek in profile and sturdy in built- our essentials are a true reflection of what a mother is- a grace filled with strength.

Why wait for a season- for a reason to celebrate their efforts and being? Shower them with your love any day.

Our genuine croco embossed leather is crafted to be truly enduring.

We have them all from alluring Pink Nile or Lilac to bold Red Nile, Burgundy and many more.

Dipped in soft and strong hues both- our essentials are designed to sate everyone’s personal style needs.

Moreover, you can get them marked with the initials of their name, classic ‘MOM’ or a sweet 4 letter thoughtful message that will remind her of you.

It’s something a mother would truly appreciate- our essentials can elevate their style game while being both practical & functional.

Gift her these durable sensational beauties.


To add more fun to Mother’s day celebration, Reecee conducted a fun small contest. We encouraged our audience & patrons to post a heartwarming picture of them with their mothers. The most special one receiving a gift card worth INR 4,000 from Reecee. Click on our highlight section #MOMents to see.