Powerplay: Energizing 'Red Nile' for WFH

Get inspired to work with our iconic bold & lively 'Red Nile' leather essentials especially curated for your workspace.

This power-packed hue will keep your mood lifted as we combat the ongoing pandemic wave.

Prepping up for one's look and environment can have a positive impact on the work output & the well being of an individual- its true! And our color ‘Red Nile’ is the very embodiment of this positive vibe.

So, get dressed for that online meet in your smart formals with some energizing pieces to decorate your table. From phone cases to laptop sleeves, these companions will offer timeless aesthetics to your work corner.

Hand-crafted with high quality croco-embossed leather, these durable pieces will be a delight to carry as time passes by.

Make them truly yours. Enjoy these fiery beauties with some personalized embossed initials in the alluring ink of gold and silver. Be it the first 4 letters of your name, birthdate or a message- the red will bring it out all beautifully.

What are you waiting for? Let your spirits soar high. Add these enticing bold leather Companions to your Work from Home corner.